Wire Rope & Fittings

Wire Rope & Fittings

SWR, Steel Wire Rope, Grips, Clamps, Fittings, Ferrules, End Stops and Tools

GS Products supplies many different types of stainless steel and galvanised wire rope. Known also as SWR, our fittings are suitable for a wide range of applications in a number of industries, including maritime use. Our products are readily available in many different strands and are sold per meter and on bulk buy value reels. We also stock a vast array of fittings and accessories, including terminals, swage forks, swage jaws, thimble eye lets, claim grids, ferrules, grips and additional tools to make your own swage fabrications.

NOW IN STOCK - A Huge assortment of PVC Plastic Coated Steel Wire Ropes in many colours and diameters.......




We can arrange your Steel Wire Rope Ferrules and Swage Fittings to be professionally crimp swaged onto your Wire Rope with our in-house swaging machine


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