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Here at GS Products we offer an in-house wire rope rigging fabrication service with a capacity to swage wire ropes from 1mm up to and including 20mm diameter. We are proud members of MADE IN BRITAIN and pride ourself on quality wire rope fabrications made at our premises in the West Midlands

All wire rope ferruled slings are produced by our skilled wire rope riggers using general engineering wire ropes, wire rope slings are manufactured to BS EN 12385-4 and working loads will conform to BS EN 13414-1:2003

We also have on-site facilities to fuse and taper your steel wire ropes, test your steel wire fabrications and professionally reel steel wire rope onto any length reel to suit


What steel wire ropes can we manufacture?

We can swage galvanised and stainless steel wire rope and pvc / nylon coated steel wire ropes, below are a few examples of fabrications we produce...

  • Steel wire rope aluminum, copper and stainless steel ferrules
  • Wire rope slngs
  • Stainless steel swage fittings 
  • Wire guard rails
  • Yacht rigging
  • Architectural wire rigging
  • Stainless steel wire balustrades
  • Aluminium and copper end stops
  • Heat shrink ends
  • Steel wire trellis 
  • Security cables
  • 4x4 recovery steel wire ropes
  • Gymnasium wires and fittings
  • Fused and tapered annealed ends 
  • Tool arrest wires
  • Lanyards
  • Winch cables
  • Tethers
  • Retaining wires

How to order a custom wire fabrication?

  • You can use our steel wire rope builder page HERE - simply select your wire, what fitting you require at each end and the length and our builder will show you a preview of the fabrication and give you a price.... simply then add the fabrication to your basket


  • Email us with your custom steel wire rope assembly details to sales@gsproducts.co.uk for advice and a free quotaion 









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