Steel Wire Rope Grips

Steel Wire Rope Clamp Grips - Gripple - Zip Clip - Bull Dog Grips DIN 741

Easily create loops and eyes for your own steel wire ropes using our wire rope clamps. They are strong, reliable and easy to use to quickly create a wire rope loop/eye and the end of your steel wire rope 

Steel Wire Rope Grips to DIN741, Steel Wire Rope Grips to DIN1142, Simplex Steel Wire Rope Grips, Steel Wire Rope Duplex Rope Grips in Stainless Steel and Galvanised Steel all available for a strong and easy wire rope clamping method

Wire rope grips are very popular as you can quickly make your wire loop ends on site without the need for expensive swage tools

We stock branded wire rope grips such as GRIPPLE and ZIP-CLIP for fast secure applications

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Wire Rope Grips FAQ's.....

What are wire rope grips?

Wire Rope Grips are like 'u bolts' for wire. Also known as Bulldog Grips or Clips If used to sustain a load (not lifting), they are fine if you use them properly – in the correct application with the correct placement

What are the benefits of using wire rope grips?

The main benefits are that it is a fast and easy way to create eyelets or loops at the end of your wires without having to use specialised tools

How strong are wire rope grips?

Wire rope grip can not be load rated, it is generally expected that the wire rope grips will achieve 60-80% of the wire rope strength – Wire rope grips should not be used for any lifting or safety critical  applications

Do you sell load rated steel wire rope grips?

If you require load rated steel wire rope grips you should look at the branded ZIP-Clip and GRIPPLE grips

What size wire rope grips should i use?

Wire rope grips are sized on a like for like basis, for example if you have 5mm wire rope we would recommend using 5mm wire rope grips, the grip will allow 5mm wire rope to pass through twice

What wire rope works best with grips?

Wire rope grips work best with flexible strands of wire rope, we would recommend 7×7 strand wire rope upto 3mm diameter, 4mm diameter and above we would recommend a 7×19 or 6×19 flexible strand to be able to comfortably create smaller loops. 1x19 strand wire rope does not work well with any wire rope grip as it is too stiff

What material wire rope grips should i use?

With stainless steel wire rope you should use stainless steel wire rope grips

With galvanised steel wire rope you should use galvanised or zinc plated wire rope grips

How many grips should i use per end?

We recommend to use 3 grips per loop when using DIN 741, DIN 1142 and the FF-C-450 US Federal Grips and thye should be spaced out and set up as as illustrated below 

For the ZIP-CLIP, GRIPPLE, Simplex, Duplex, Loop Clamps and Egg Clamps it is only necessary to use one wire grip per end

How do i fit steel wire rope grips?

Once in position simply tighten down the nuts or grub screw evenly to the desired torque settings

Should i inspect my wire rope grips?

It is strongly recommended and in some applications required that the wire rope grips are regularly inspected and that the inspection should take place in accordance with the safety standards given in the country of use. This is required because the products in use may be affected by wear, misuse, overloading etc. with a consequence of deformation and alteration of the material structure. Inspection should take place at least every six months and even more frequently when the products are used in severe operating conditions.

What are the alternatives to using steel wire rope grips?

We offer a in-house swaging service where can professionally swage the ends of your wire ropes, you can also buy  wire rope swage tools and ferrules to swage the wire rope ends yourself 


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