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  • Wire Balustrade Installation and Guidlines / Advice

    Wire Rope Balustrade Installation Guidelines and Advice:

    We have put together some key points for your wire rope steel balustrade systems that we are frequently asked.

    • Keep your balustrade runs straight, do not bend the wire around corners, if your system has multiple angles ALWAYS start a new straight run rather than try to bend your cable around a corner as you will not be able to control your cables tension and you could damage your cable whilst it is bending under strain.

    • Never have a single run longer than 10 meters. If your single run of balustrade is over 10 meters you should start a new run.

    • Always try to incorporate an adjuster/tensioner in each run which will enable you to prevent any slack if your balustrade cable stretches over time.

    • Balustrade wire rope infill should not be able to trap a child, a 100mm diameter sphere should not be able pass through the gas in-between your wire or any part of your system.

    • Your wire balustrade cable must be 4mm diameter minimum.

    • Always use stainless steel wire and fittings, these will last a lifetime both indoors and outdoors.

  • Steel Wire Rope Balustrade FAQ'S

    We understand that most people have never fitted a steel wire rope balustrade before, there is a lot of questions that we regularly get asked regarding all aspects from fitting, to which products are best and which items work with each other.
    steel wire rope balustrade on decking   It is not too difficult to fit your wire balustrade system yourself, here at GS Products we sell all the parts and tools required for all levels of DIY enthusiasts to be able to buy and fit with the minimum amount of hassle.
    Q. Which steel wire rope do you recommend?
    A. We recommend using a 4mm diameter stainless steel 1x19 wire rope, the stainless steel wire rope we supply for your balustrade is A4 grade so it will never rust. 4mm is a industry standard diameter for wire balustrades. The 1x19 relates to the strands (make up) of the wire, it has 19 individual strands which makes the wire rigid and helps keeps your runs as straight as possible. We sell this wire rope by the meter and also in bulk reels.  
      Q. Do you sell all the tools that will be required?
    A. Yes, We sell the hydraulic crimping tool and the wire rope cutters - these are the only specialists tools you will require. We sell set wire rope kits with these tools included or you can buy them on their own
    Q. What is the space required between each run?
    A. Building regulations state the gap should be no bigger than 100mm set apart between each run, this is what we recommend.
    Q. How many balustrade runs can I have?
    A. As long as each run is evenly spaced out at a recommended 100mm, you can have many runs as you require.
    steel wire rope balustrade on decking

      Q. Are all the fittings Stainless Steel?
    A. Yes, all our fittings are A4 Grade Stainless Steel - the best grade available to buy - this ensures your cable balustrade will last for many, many years.
    Q. How do the adjusters work?
    A. You simply swage the wire rope into the sleeve on the adjuster and simply rotate the body open or closed. These adjusters are very popular as they allow you to easily keep your cables taught. 
  • All Aboard (April): Beach Yoga & Fisherman Rescues

    Hello there! Welcome back to All Aboard, your one-stop shop for the best in “boating” blogs. Every month, the GS Products team sell quality, affordable marine supplies to sailors the world over, from boat anchors to pulleys, mooring chain to boat vents. We also keep up with sailors across the globe via their excellent blogs, bringing you sailing inspiration by the bucketful. In this April's All Aboard roundup: Join the Couchsailors as they save stranded fishermen from a deserted French Polynesian island, find out why beach yoga could be the hobby which makes you happier and learn precisely why sailing sucks. The Couchsailors Save Some Fishermen If you're looking for some insight into what it's like to cruise the waters of French Polynesia and see “where the wind takes you”, this fantastic video blog from the Couchsailors (a great couple who have been sailing the world for the past three years) is well worth a watch. In this instalment of their trip, the intrepid duo stumble across an uninhabited island where a group of local fishermen have been stranded without gas for a week! In return for a lift to a nearby island, the couple are treated to some freshly cooked lobster and plenty of local colour. Should You Try Beach Yoga? beach-1853902_960_720 Whether you're sailing the world or taking to the waves for a shorter expedition, any sailing excursion means spending quite a lot of time in relatively cramped conditions. Life aboard can take its toll on your body, which is why a spot of yoga when you reach land is a wonderful thing, fantastic for releasing tension and stretching out those muscles. But there are lots and lots of other reasons why yoga on the beach is just plain brilliant. In a recent blog the Yacht + Yoga team has shared just a few of the things which make beach-side yoga even more special, from vitamin D to migraine-curing. Time for your sun salutation!
  • All Aboard (February): Staying Afloat & Sailing Fast

    Hello February sea-farers! Welcome back to a fresh, salty, wind-tossed edition of All Aboard, our monthly round up of the GS Products team's favourite sailing blogs and adventurers. Each month we keep our customers stocked with the high quality marine fittings while also keeping tabs on what the sailing community has been up to online!

    Whether you're a full-time water-dweller or dreaming of the adventure of a lifetime, you'll find plenty of inspiration, information and good stuff here at All Aboard.

    This month, discover how one sailing devotee “stays afloat” financially, explore the Ruby Rose's greatest moments of 2016 and read up on Alex Thomson's new sailing world record.

    How Swell Voyage Stays Afloat Financially

    Sail Small Sailboat Yacht Model Boat Sailing

    Setting sail and getting away from it all is something that most of us can only hope to do for a week or four each year (if we’re very lucky). Perhaps a mini-three month adventure between roles, if we're clever about our finances and our careers. But for others, short spells at sea just won't do – they want the whole adventure, for life! But how do these wild spirits fund their at-sea lifestyles? That's what captain and surf-devotee Liz Clark of the Swell Voyage blog explains in one of her latest posts. Read up, get inspired and just maybe launch an adventure of your own.

    Ruby Rose's Sailing Highlights


    If you need a jot more inspiration to kickstart those dreams and schemes, look no further than the blog belonging to Nick and Terysa of the Ruby Rose. In this edition, the waterborne couple share highlights from their year at sail, including their favourite anchorage in the Spanish Rias, incredible food in Combarro, their favourite island – Martinique, busy moorings in Morocco and overcoming shyness to play some fantastic music. Take a peek to share their year's amazing adventures.

    Alex Thomson Beats 24hr Sailing Record in Vendee Globe

    There was some stupendous news from the Vendee Globe last month when British sailor Alex Thomson smashed the 24hr sailing record , travelling 536.81 nautical miles in 24 hours. Beating previous record holder Francois Galbart's 2012 record of 534.48 nautical miles by 2.33 nautical miles, Thomson is now the world record holder for solo sailing in a monofoil. Read the full story on the excellent Devoti Luca website.

    What were your sailing highlights of 2016? What is the furthest you've ever sailed in 24 hours? Have your say and share your stories below.

  • All Aboard (January): Sailing Together in All Weathers

    A very Happy New Year, water-lovers! And a very warm welcome back to All Aboard, the monthly sailing roundup from GS Products. Every month we keep sailors, seafarers and water-goers stocked with the best marine equipment from anchors to rigging screws, while keeping up to date with the very best blogs the internet has to offer, all about their favourite pastime. Whether you have big sailing plans already in place for 2017, or are searching for some fresh sailing inspiration for your next adventure, you'll find plenty of great material to enjoy in this month's round up. Keep reading to join Malin & Johan as they cross the Atlantic, find out whether sailing can really make you “tame” and keep up with the Van Tol family's latest adventures.

    Crossing the Atlantic with Malin & Johan


    Join Swedish couple Malin and Johan as they sail the world. Setting off in January 2016, the water-bound adventurers have no end date or destination, they're simply sailing and documenting their amazing travels as they roam across the globe. In this video update, the pair are crossing the Atlantic to reach Grenada in early December, experiencing squalls and thunderstorms as they undertake the 18 day journey. Wonderfully watchable, this brilliant blog gives great insights into a life lived on the ocean waves. Thanks for sharing your story guys!

    Does Cruising Make You “Tame”?


    Early starts, early bedtimes, physical labour and constant vigilance are a common part of the life of cruisers. This is a lifestyle which lures in the adventurous, the wild and heart and the daredevils – but it can turn those vibrant souls into, well, pretty tame individuals! At least that's the experience ofsailing couple Mark and Jennifer. This adventuresome pair once paraglided, white water rafted and canyoned across the world – today they've been feeling a little stuck in the mud! We don't buy it for a minute, read their latest blog on the subject and see if you agree!

    Ventilly's December Update


    For those who dream of taking to the waves as a family, blogs like the Van Tol's make seriously inspiring reading. This family of four have been sailing the globe , educating their two little ones and exploring as they go aboard their boat Ventilly. Catch up with the family's latest exploits in this December update.

    Would you prefer to sail solo, as a couple or as a family? What's the biggest storm you've encountered while at sail? Have your say and share your stories below.

  • All Aboard (December): Epic Scenes & Self-Reliant Sailors

    Season's greetings, sailing sorts! A warm welcome back to a distinctly wintry edition of the All Aboard roundup. Every month - wind, snow, rain or shine - we ship top quality sailing accessories and parts to sailors the world over. At the same time, we like to keep pace with everyone's adventures, sharing inspiration, advice and some good old fashioned gossip. This month: Watch some incredible footage of the Vendee Globe captured by French Navy helicopters, cruise from sunny Madeira to Lanzarote for the winter and ponder precisely what makes sailing such a great sport for nurturing self-reliance. Vendee Globe Frontrunners Plough Through the Ocean Waves If you love sailing for the thrill, the adventure, the wild waves and the unpredictability of nature, you'll love this footage captured by the French Navy of the Vendee Globe's frontrunners. Out in the middle of the ocean, thousands of miles from land, these racers are taking on the ocean waves at full speed and it looks absolutely epic.This blog fromGreat Circle Sails explores the footage in more detail and gives some extra back story if these scenes have fired up your imagination! Madeira to Lanzarote with The Velvet Lady sunset-in-graciosa For those of you who prefer your sailing a little more sedate and escapist,The Velvet Lady's blog is a great spot to launch your sunny sailing daydreams . In their latest post, the crew of The Velvet Lady made great time sailing from Madeira to Lanzarote where she will stay for the winter. If you'd like some shots of sunny skies, gorgeous sunsets and blue seas to kick your next sailing holiday plan-making into action, this is a great blog to follow. Is Sailing the Ultimate Self-Reliant Sport? sailing-boat-1593613_960_720 We lovethis thoughtful post fromGill, written by sailor and journalist Andy Rice. In his blog, Rice shares his thoughts on what makes sailing such a great sport for teaching self-reliance. From the complexity of the tasks that ensure a successful voyage and the logistics of arranging it all in the first place, to the incredibly varied conditions sailors may face out on the water and the preparations required to handle every eventuality, this is a pursuit which trains people to be organised and incredibly self-sufficient. Or so Andy argues! Do you agree? Did you become more self-reliant after taking up sailing? Are you a leisurely cruiser like The Velvet Lady or an adventure-driven sort like the Vendee Globe competitors? Have your say below.  
  • All Aboard (November): Staying Warm & Paradise Islands

    Welcome water-lovers of all types! Whether you love the ocean waves or local lakes, the GS Products team are very happy to have you on our blog. Each month we keep our customers and their vessels shipshape with our high quality products, but we also like to keep up with the water-borne goings on of sailing aficionados from all over the world – and closer to home. We keep tabs on our favourite blogs to serve up a monthly dose of adventure, tips, inspiration and information which will make you want to get out on the water ASAP!

    This month: Learn how to keep warm on the waves through the winter, plan a sailing staycation in the British Isles and indulge your exotic getaway daydreams on a paradise island.

    How to Keep Warm on the Waves Through the Winter


    Many sailing sorts, no matter how fanatical, pack up once the sailing season ends and the weather takes a turn for the worse. But for die hard water-goers who don't mind braving the elements, even the colder months are fair game. If you're planning on setting sail over the winter, theRooster Sailing blog has some great tips and tricks which will help you stay warm and stave off catching a nasty chill, even in the iciest of conditions. From sorting out your base layers, to protecting your extremities, there's a whole cosy bundle of good advice to be found here.

    Should you Have a Sailing Staycation in 2017?


    All of this chilly autumn weather and dark evenings have got us daydreaming about adventures to hotter climes and sunnier shores. But with the plunging fortunes of the pound against the euro, a getaway to the continent is looking like a more and more expensive prospect. For those of you craving a summer holiday which won't cost you the earth, staying put in the UK for a staycation may be the better option.This great sailing staycation suggestion from Plain Sailing has us feeling summery and adventurous already.

    Your Own Personal Island


    If you need any more “sunny getaway” escapism this winter, keeping up with the excellentSea Biscuit blog will help you take yourself out of drizzly Old Blighty and transport yourself (mentally, anyway) to paradise islands. Your very own, private paradise island in fact. Take a look atthe crew's latest blog (complete with envy-inspiring pictures) to get thoroughly, thoroughly jealous.

    Where's your ultimate summertime sailing getaway? Will you be braving the elements this winter? Share your plans and picks with other readers below.

  • All Aboard (October): Cold Weather Sailing & Spooky Nautical Place Names

    Hello water-lovers, welcome back to a fresh and somewhat chilly edition of the All Aboard round up. Yes, autumn has finally arrived and, with a noticeable nip in the air, it's time for lots of boat owners to undertake maintenance and storage of their vessels. In our online store, we provide all of the accessories you need to keep your pride and joy in peak condition all year round. But the GS Products team don't only sell marine accessories and equipment. We also keep up to date with the latest sailing news, views, tips, tricks and blogs.

    Each month we visit our favourite online resources for sailing, rounding up the very best pieces to share with you in our regular round up. This month: find out what it's like to bump into old friends as you sail sparkling blue seas, get some advice on cold weather sailing gear and share your spookiest nautical place names!

    Meeting Old Friends from Tonga to Fiji


    Last month we shared a story all about the friendship between Judy andTorben Bentsen of the Tivoli and their Swedish friends Magnus and Tiina. This month we're taking a sneak peek at another sailing friendship, born of the seven seas. Inthis brilliant, picture-rich blog, Deb and John of the Moonshadow sail from Tonga to Fiji and bump into some old friends along the way. It's a great insight into the sailing community, life on the waves and a tantalizing glimpse at sailing in the region. Lovely stuff!

    Cold Weather Sailing Tops: What You Need to Know

    water-background-wave-liquid-largeSummertime sailing is a real breeze when it comes to attire, but now that the seasons in many areas of the world are changing, bracing yourself for cold weather sailing is essential for the more intrepid amongst us.This helpful blog fromWest Coast Sailing details everything you need to know about choosing the correct cold weather sailing tops which will ensure maximum comfort, performance and prevent the cold from becoming dangerous during your voyage. Very useful advice.

    Scary Nautical Place Names

    Who doesn't love a funny name? If you agree with this sentiment, your sailing lifestyle was a good choice – there's an absolute raft (sorry!) of water-borne funniness out there when it comes to everything from knots to locations. Australia appears to be no exception to this rule. Inthis Halloween appropriate blog from ArribaSail fromAlan Noble, a creepy array of nautical place names can be found, from Avoid Bay and Cape Catastrophe, to Danger Point and Wreck Gully.

    Would you dare sail around these locations? Do you know of any more spooky nautical place names? Share your stories with other readers below.

  • All Aboard (September): Sailing Friends & 70s Fashion

    Hello, hello! A very warm welcome back to a brand new instalment of All Aboard from GS Products. Every month we help those who live for life on the water source high quality sailing accessories. We also take time each month to keep up with the adventures and exploits of the world's most passionate water-goers via our favourite sailing blogs. We don't just like to find out what our favourite cruisers are up to, we also like to share their stories to inspire our readers and customers, so get ready to dive in...

    This month; find out why you should take a pair of Swedes to the Balearic Islands, keep up with the adventures of Rubicon 3 and find out what sailing attire looked like in the 1970s.

    Swedes, Sun & Small Anchorages


    We love reading all about the many great friendships which spring up on the ocean waves. The friendship between Judy andTorben Bentsen of the Tivoli and their Swedish friends Magnus and Tiina shines throughthis recent blog about the couples' trip around the Balearic Islands. Not only is it clear that the group had a darn good time, the admiration for each others' sailing abilities clearly shines through. Meticulous and fantastic at anchoring in challenging spots, the Swedish pair manage to seriously impress the Bentsens during their stunning getaway. Join in the fun by catching up on Sail Blogs.

    Keeping up with Rubicon 3

    feedback pic - sul

    Keeping up with the adventures ofRubicon 3 is one of our favourite things to do at GS Product's HQ. The crews regularly set sail with new and inexperienced cruisers, showing them the ropes and taking them on some absolutely amazing trips. In recent weeks the crew has been exploring Scandinavia and some extremely Northerly anchorages, catching mackerel and running up chilly peaks.Well worth a read if you're in the mood for some wanderlust.

    Sailing Attire in the 70s


    WhatGill Marine don't know about sailing clothing isn't worth knowing. Home to some of the finest gear that modern developments can offer, the company's founder Nick Gill has been in the business for over 40 years – which gives him plenty of insight and a huge bank of knowledge to draw on evidenced in thisfascinating in depth blog all about sailing clothing from the 1970s. It's a fantastically detailed read – and proof of just how far innovation has taken us.

    Have you made any lifelong friends while sailing? Where did your latest adventure take you? Share your stories with other readers below.

  • All Aboard (August): Sailing with the Sisterhood & Bacon in the Bahamas

    Land Ahoy, readers! And welcome back to the GS Product's monthly round up of the finest seafaring blogs the ocean waves and the world wide web have to offer. Each month we help customers the world over access quality sailing accessories, we also run our monthly round up to give access to the top quality blogs from sailors who are living the ocean-going dream, keeping up with their adventures while sharing both their exploits and their advice.

    This month; climb aboard with a seafaring sisterhood, sailed around the Åland archipelago and meet some pigs on a beach in the Bahamas.

    Joining the Seafaring Sisterhood Aboard Swell Voyage

    We can't get enough of theSwell Voyage blog, penned by open and adventurous spirit – not to mention surfing obsessive mermaid – Liz. After 10 years aboard her vessel (named Swell Voyage), Liz has lived through plenty of adventures, ups, downs and incredible experiences. In her fantastic blog, the seafarer shares her stories and adventures with a devoted coterie of regular readers who are routinely inspired by her story.This latest post is all about “girl power” on the ocean waves. In recent months, Liz teamed up with “sea sisters” Kimi Werner and Léa Brassy to sail French Polynesia. It makes for a great read!

    Sailing Around Åland

    6We love a sailing blog that's packed with photographs from less travelled to destinations. TheDolphin Dance, sailed by Minna and Antti, is currently exploring the Stockholm archipelago andthe photographs of Åland look absolutely stunning. We want to hope on a boat and head for summertime Scandinavia right now – just think of all those long, long evenings! Take a look at the Dolphin Dance blog to keep up with Minna and Antti's adventures.

    Swimming Pigs in the Bahamas

    We loveMonday Never's ethos and spirit. A young married couple doing everything they can to escape the daily grind and make the most of incredible adventures, creating videos and blogs along the way to chart their experiences.This August Cat and Will made it to the Bahamas and befriended a couple of swimming pigs on a deserted paradise beach. We're hooked. Monday – NEVER!

    Which sailing blog inspires you to get adventuresome? Share your top picks and your favourite less travelled destinations with other readers below.

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