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Our range of pulleys and pulley wheels are essential for marine loading and have many architectural applications. Across all our pulleys, durability and strength is an absolute must, which is why we only stock high quality products constructed from top grade stainless steel for maritime use.

Browse our extensive range including stainless steel, galvanised and awning pulleys. We also supply wire rope, rigging and general use pulleys featuring swivel eye, single eye fixed and double eye fixtures.


We now stock GMI galvanised steel iron pulley blocks with hook heads and swivel oval eyes in a single and double sheave pattern.

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How to select the right type of steel wire rope pulley?

It is important to ensure that the right size pulley sheave is paired with the correct diameter and strand of steel wire rope to prolong the life of your cable. By following the below instructions, you will significantly prolong your cable life


Always use a ‘U’ groove pulley sheave when used with steel wire rope and to ensure that 1/3 of the wire circumference is always in contact within the groove to avoid too much lateral movement and to ensure maximum cable life


If possible cables and pulleys should be selected to avoid metal to metal contact as this can result in premature cable malfunction due to abrasion. We recommend coated cables are suitable where metal pulleys are involved. Bare cables are suited for plastic / nylon sheaves. These guidelines are established to maximise your cable life for high cycle count applications, you can however deviate from these guidelines if you wish



How to measure your pulley?

The most common measurements used to find the right pulley or sheave are the outside diameter and the groove width. There are also a few other measurements that are helpful to know in order to find the right size pulley or sheave for your needs

The ideal diameter of the sheave will be different for 7x7 and 7x19 / 6x19 strand wire strands, the more flexible 6x19 and 7x19 strands the pulley diameter should be 25x the wire rope diameter (uncoated diameter). 7x7 is a stiffer strand and should be 40x the wire diameter


See below chart for guidance of which diameter pulley to which diameter steel wire rope

In general, the service life of cable and wire rope can be increased if it operates over the correct size pulley to suit the diameter and strand of the cable. Small diameter pulleys can be used to suit your needs if required but it will decrease the life cable. The above information is for guidance only - a mechanical engineer should always be consulted

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