Stainless Steel Wire Rope

Stainless Steel Wire Rope A4-AISI 316 Grade with a polished finish

Take a look at our range of stainless steel wire rope in a range of strands below. It is tough, durable and corrosion resistant and made from A4 / AISI 316 stainless steel. Our stainless wire is polished and offers a stunning finish - it is also available with a plastic coating.

Our 1x19 steel wire rope is very stiff and best used for balustrading and architectural rigging.

Our 7x7 strand SWR is a general use steel wire rope with medium flexibility, for a range of applications.

Our 7x19 strand stainless steel wire rope is very flexible, making is ideal for load running applications such as hoists and winches.

All our steel wire rope is available to buy per meter in any length, which will be sent in one continuous custom ordered length or in bulk 100 or 250 meter discounted set reeled lengths .


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Stainless steel wire rope, available to buy in 3 main strands, you can either buy per meter or on a bulk buy value reels

  • 1x19 stiff strand, this is perfect in applications where you want your steel wire rope to stay in a straight line and have minimum flexibility - commonly used for steel wire rope balustrade cable and yacht guardrails 
  • 7x19 flexible strand, this is our most flexible strand, ideal for creating eyes, winch cables or any load running applications where your steel wire rope has to pass over pulleys or any running loads and generally needs to be flexible
  • 7x7 mid range strand, general engineering wire rope, commonly used for trellis steel wire rope systems, catenaries and security applications. 7x7 is flexible in diameters upto 4mm, 5mm and above the wire is quite stiff


How do I buy stainless steel wire rope ?

Our marine grade stainless steel cable is generally available to buy in 2 ways...

  • Per Meter - Simply add your required meterage into the quantity box and we will send it to you in that linear length. It is sold per meter so if you put '150' into the quantity box we will reel a continuous 150 meter linear length
  • Bulk Buy Value Reels - We have set reels of 100 meters and 250 meters of steel wire rope in certain diameters, buying these will offer on average 5-10% discount on the per meter prices 


Our PVC coated stainless steel wire rope is only available to buy per meter

We have 1,000s of meters of stainless steel wire rope in stock ready to reel off to suit your custom requirements...




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