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We are a leading stockist of steel wire rope for gym rope and cable, suitable for a whole host of gym equipment – allowing you to make up your gym cable on site for a quick and easy repair if needed or a direct replacement for your damaged gym cable. We offer NYLON 11 coated galvanised steel wire rope, alongside galvanised steel wire and TALURIT aluminium steel wire rope.

We supply all gym cable fittings and tools too, including snap hooks, DIY cable end fittings, thimbles, terminals, shackles, swage tools and more. We also supply gym snap hooks and chains which can be used to hang up punch bags and other gym equipment.

Also in stock are gymnasium replacement pulley wheels in nylon and aluminium material and replacement weight selector pins.

We also offer DIY end fittings that are easy to fit and require no specialists tools to get your gym cable machines back up and running straight away

We offer a custom steel wire rope swaging service with our in-house wire rope press. Simply email us at for a free quote OR you can send us your broken cable for us to replicate it

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Gym Cable FAQ's


Can you make me a replacement gym cable?

Yes, we can make you a replacement gym cable in-house at our warehouse here in the West Midlands, we are proud members of MADE IN BRITAIN. We sell set lisitng where you just supply the required length OR you can buy the cable and the end fittings separately along with the relevant tools 


How do I order a replacement gym cable?

There are a few ways to order a replacement gym cable from us:


Can I send my gym cable in to you to ensure that you can make an exact replica?

Yes, this is a popular way to ensure we can make the exact replica of your gym cable, email us for a quote to supply this service, ideally with the length and diameter of the cable and a picture of the end fittings


What measurements do you need to be able to make a new gym cable?

We need the overall length and the diameter of the cable, we will also need to know what ends are on your cable


What is the most popular gym cable?

The most popular cable is 4mm galvanised 7x19 strand steel cable with a tough black nylon 11 coating taking the overall diameter to 5.2mm approx., this is what 99% of the cables we supply are made from. The 7x19 strand is very flexible which allows the cable to freely run over the pulley wheels. The Nylon 11 coating is very tough and is perfect for continuous running over pulleys


Why are your gym cables coated in Nylon rather than PVC?

We use Nylon 11 coating as it is 5x tougher than PVC, PVC will tear very quickly as it is too soft to be continuously run over gym pulley wheels


Do I need a complete cable or can I just repair my existing cable?

If your gym cable is in good condition and you only require an end to be repaired we do supply the end fittings only. The DIY end fittings are very popular as they require no specialist crimping tools. We can supply the swage fittings and the hydraulic swage tool if you prefer to swage your fitting yourself


How do I change my gym cable?

Each cable machine is different from the next, we would recommend taking a video of the existing cable whilst it is still on the machine, the video will start from one end and journey through your machine focusing on each pulley all the way to the opposite end, this will make it easy to put the new cable on


What weight can my gym cable hold?

Our 4mm – 5.2mm 7x19 gym cable has a breaking load of 1120kgs so it is more than enough weight for any gym cable machine


How long will it take to produce a new gym cable?

We can usually supply a custom gym cable in 1-2 working days


Do you supply the pulleys wheels for the gym machines?

Yes, we sell nylon and aluminium pulley wheels


How do I know if I need a new gym cable?

It should be pretty obvious once you have carried out a visual inspection. The things to look out for are:

  • The ends are still safely secured and in good condition
  • The coating has not split or cracked
  • No steel wire rope has frayed and is piercing the nylon coating
  • The cable is running freely through over the pulleys


Why is my gym cable tearing?

Every time someone uses the machine the cables are exposed to friction. Overtime the friction can lead to the coating and the steel breaking down over time. To minimise this friction it is important to routinely make sure that your pulleys are moving freely and there are no sharp edges exposed. As mentioned above your pulleys should be lubricated every 2-3 months to extend the lifetime of your cables. Also, the most common problem is that the pulleys are damaged or not rotating freely which will cause excessive friction on your gym cable. Another thing to tak into consideration is if the gym cable is fitted correctly


How do I maintain my gym cable machines?

Lubricate your machine. It is very important to lubriacte your pulley bearings every 2-3 months. It is also important to lubricate your weight rods to keep friction down to a minimum. We would recommend using a 'silicone lubricant spray' for your pulleys and a '3 in 1' oil for your weight rods - do not use WD40




MADE IN BRITAIN – Our custom made steel wire rope gymnasium cables are made in-house, if your steel wire rope gym machine cable has snapped, frayed or has seen better days and needs replacing please send us your measurements for a free quote 

The replacement gym cables and fittings we supply can be used on all the leading Gym Equipment Manufacturers including: Best Fitness, Body-solid, BodyCraft, Bodymax, BowFlex, CV Fitness, Golds Gym, Kettler, Life Fitness, Marcy, Matrix, Powerline, Powersport, Technogym, Vision, Weider and York



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