All Aboard (October): Cold Weather Sailing & Spooky Nautical Place Names

Hello water-lovers, welcome back to a fresh and somewhat chilly edition of the All Aboard round up. Yes, autumn has finally arrived and, with a noticeable nip in the air, it’s time for lots of boat owners to undertake maintenance and storage of their vessels. In our online store, we provide all of the accessories you need to keep your pride and joy in peak condition all year round. But the GS Products team don’t only sell marine accessories and equipment. We also keep up to date with the latest sailing news, views, tips, tricks and blogs.

Each month we visit our favourite online resources for sailing, rounding up the very best pieces to share with you in our regular round up. This month: find out what it’s like to bump into old friends as you sail sparkling blue seas, get some advice on cold weather sailing gear and share your spookiest nautical place names!

Meeting Old Friends from Tonga to Fiji


Last month we shared a story all about the friendship between Judy andTorben Bentsen of the Tivoli and their Swedish friends Magnus and Tiina. This month we’re taking a sneak peek at another sailing friendship, born of the seven seas. Inthis brilliant, picture-rich blog, Deb and John of the Moonshadow sail from Tonga to Fiji and bump into some old friends along the way. It’s a great insight into the sailing community, life on the waves and a tantalizing glimpse at sailing in the region. Lovely stuff!

Cold Weather Sailing Tops: What You Need to Know

water-background-wave-liquid-largeSummertime sailing is a real breeze when it comes to attire, but now that the seasons in many areas of the world are changing, bracing yourself for cold weather sailing is essential for the more intrepid amongst us.This helpful blog fromWest Coast Sailing details everything you need to know about choosing the correct cold weather sailing tops which will ensure maximum comfort, performance and prevent the cold from becoming dangerous during your voyage. Very useful advice.

Scary Nautical Place Names

Who doesn’t love a funny name? If you agree with this sentiment, your sailing lifestyle was a good choice – there’s an absolute raft (sorry!) of water-borne funniness out there when it comes to everything from knots to locations. Australia appears to be no exception to this rule. Inthis Halloween appropriate blog from ArribaSail fromAlan Noble, a creepy array of nautical place names can be found, from Avoid Bay and Cape Catastrophe, to Danger Point and Wreck Gully.

Would you dare sail around these locations? Do you know of any more spooky nautical place names? Share your stories with other readers below.

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