All Aboard (September): Sailing Friends & 70s Fashion

Hello, hello! A very warm welcome back to a brand new instalment of All Aboard from GS Products. Every month we help those who live for life on the water source high quality sailing accessories. We also take time each month to keep up with the adventures and exploits of the world’s most passionate water-goers via our favourite sailing blogs. We don’t just like to find out what our favourite cruisers are up to, we also like to share their stories to inspire our readers and customers, so get ready to dive in…

This month; find out why you should take a pair of Swedes to the Balearic Islands, keep up with the adventures of Rubicon 3 and find out what sailing attire looked like in the 1970s.

Swedes, Sun & Small Anchorages


We love reading all about the many great friendships which spring up on the ocean waves. The friendship between Judy andTorben Bentsen of the Tivoli and their Swedish friends Magnus and Tiina shines throughthis recent blog about the couples’ trip around the Balearic Islands. Not only is it clear that the group had a darn good time, the admiration for each others’ sailing abilities clearly shines through. Meticulous and fantastic at anchoring in challenging spots, the Swedish pair manage to seriously impress the Bentsens during their stunning getaway. Join in the fun by catching up on Sail Blogs.

Keeping up with Rubicon 3

feedback pic - sul

Keeping up with the adventures ofRubicon 3 is one of our favourite things to do at GS Product’s HQ. The crews regularly set sail with new and inexperienced cruisers, showing them the ropes and taking them on some absolutely amazing trips. In recent weeks the crew has been exploring Scandinavia and some extremely Northerly anchorages, catching mackerel and running up chilly peaks.Well worth a read if you’re in the mood for some wanderlust.

Sailing Attire in the 70s


WhatGill Marine don’t know about sailing clothing isn’t worth knowing. Home to some of the finest gear that modern developments can offer, the company’s founder Nick Gill has been in the business for over 40 years – which gives him plenty of insight and a huge bank of knowledge to draw on evidenced in thisfascinating in depth blog all about sailing clothing from the 1970s. It’s a fantastically detailed read – and proof of just how far innovation has taken us.

Have you made any lifelong friends while sailing? Where did your latest adventure take you? Share your stories with other readers below.

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