All Aboard (November): Staying Warm & Paradise Islands

Welcome water-lovers of all types! Whether you love the ocean waves or local lakes, the GS Products team are very happy to have you on our blog. Each month we keep our customers and their vessels shipshape with our high quality products, but we also like to keep up with the water-borne goings on of sailing aficionados from all over the world – and closer to home. We keep tabs on our favourite blogs to serve up a monthly dose of adventure, tips, inspiration and information which will make you want to get out on the water ASAP!

This month: Learn how to keep warm on the waves through the winter, plan a sailing staycation in the British Isles and indulge your exotic getaway daydreams on a paradise island.

How to Keep Warm on the Waves Through the Winter


Many sailing sorts, no matter how fanatical, pack up once the sailing season ends and the weather takes a turn for the worse. But for die hard water-goers who don’t mind braving the elements, even the colder months are fair game. If you’re planning on setting sail over the winter, theRooster Sailing blog has some great tips and tricks which will help you stay warm and stave off catching a nasty chill, even in the iciest of conditions. From sorting out your base layers, to protecting your extremities, there’s a whole cosy bundle of good advice to be found here.

Should you Have a Sailing Staycation in 2017?


All of this chilly autumn weather and dark evenings have got us daydreaming about adventures to hotter climes and sunnier shores. But with the plunging fortunes of the pound against the euro, a getaway to the continent is looking like a more and more expensive prospect. For those of you craving a summer holiday which won’t cost you the earth, staying put in the UK for a staycation may be the better option.This great sailing staycation suggestion from Plain Sailing has us feeling summery and adventurous already.

Your Own Personal Island


If you need any more “sunny getaway” escapism this winter, keeping up with the excellentSea Biscuit blog will help you take yourself out of drizzly Old Blighty and transport yourself (mentally, anyway) to paradise islands. Your very own, private paradise island in fact. Take a look atthe crew’s latest blog (complete with envy-inspiring pictures) to get thoroughly, thoroughly jealous.

Where’s your ultimate summertime sailing getaway? Will you be braving the elements this winter? Share your plans and picks with other readers below.

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