All Aboard (February): Staying Afloat & Sailing Fast

Hello February sea-farers! Welcome back to a fresh, salty, wind-tossed edition of All Aboard, our monthly round up of the GS Products team’s favourite sailing blogs and adventurers. Each month we keep our customers stocked with the high quality marine fittings while also keeping tabs on what the sailing community has been up to online!

Whether you’re a full-time water-dweller or dreaming of the adventure of a lifetime, you’ll find plenty of inspiration, information and good stuff here at All Aboard.

This month, discover how one sailing devotee “stays afloat” financially, explore the Ruby Rose’s greatest moments of 2016 and read up on Alex Thomson’s new sailing world record.

How Swell Voyage Stays Afloat Financially

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Setting sail and getting away from it all is something that most of us can only hope to do for a week or four each year (if we’re very lucky). Perhaps a mini-three month adventure between roles, if we’re clever about our finances and our careers. But for others, short spells at sea just won’t do – they want the whole adventure, for life! But how do these wild spirits fund their at-sea lifestyles? That’s what captain and surf-devotee Liz Clark of the Swell Voyage blog explains in one of her latest posts. Read up, get inspired and just maybe launch an adventure of your own.

Ruby Rose’s Sailing Highlights


If you need a jot more inspiration to kickstart those dreams and schemes, look no further than the blog belonging to Nick and Terysa of the Ruby Rose. In this edition, the waterborne couple share highlights from their year at sail, including their favourite anchorage in the Spanish Rias, incredible food in Combarro, their favourite island – Martinique, busy moorings in Morocco and overcoming shyness to play some fantastic music. Take a peek to share their year’s amazing adventures.

Alex Thomson Beats 24hr Sailing Record in Vendee Globe

There was some stupendous news from the Vendee Globe last month when British sailor Alex Thomson smashed the 24hr sailing record , travelling 536.81 nautical miles in 24 hours. Beating previous record holder Francois Galbart’s 2012 record of 534.48 nautical miles by 2.33 nautical miles, Thomson is now the world record holder for solo sailing in a monofoil. Read the full story on the excellent Devoti Luca website.

What were your sailing highlights of 2016? What is the furthest you’ve ever sailed in 24 hours? Have your say and share your stories below.

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