All Aboard (April): Beach Yoga & Fisherman Rescues

Hello there! Welcome back to All Aboard, your one-stop shop for the best in “boating” blogs. Every month, the GS Products team sell quality, affordable marine supplies to sailors the world over, from boat anchors to pulleys, mooring chain to boat vents.

We also keep up with sailors across the globe via their excellent blogs, bringing you sailing inspiration by the bucketful.

In this April’s All Aboard roundup: Join the Couchsailors as they save stranded fishermen from a deserted French Polynesian island, find out why beach yoga could be the hobby which makes you happier and learn precisely why sailing sucks.

The Couchsailors Save Some Fishermen

If you’re looking for some insight into what it’s like to cruise the waters of French Polynesia and see “where the wind takes you”, this fantastic video blog from the Couchsailors (a great couple who have been sailing the world for the past three years) is well worth a watch. In this instalment of their trip, the intrepid duo stumble across an uninhabited island where a group of local fishermen have been stranded without gas for a week! In return for a lift to a nearby island, the couple are treated to some freshly cooked lobster and plenty of local colour.

Should You Try Beach Yoga?


Whether you’re sailing the world or taking to the waves for a shorter expedition, any sailing excursion means spending quite a lot of time in relatively cramped conditions. Life aboard can take its toll on your body, which is why a spot of yoga when you reach land is a wonderful thing, fantastic for releasing tension and stretching out those muscles. But there are lots and lots of other reasons why yoga on the beach is just plain brilliant. In a recent blog the Yacht + Yoga team has shared just a few of the things which make beach-side yoga even more special, from vitamin D to migraine-curing. Time for your sun salutation!


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