All Aboard (January): Sailing Together in All Weathers

A very Happy New Year, water-lovers! And a very warm welcome back to All Aboard, the monthly sailing roundup from GS Products.

Every month we keep sailors, seafarers and water-goers stocked with the best marine equipment from anchors to rigging screws, while keeping up to date with the very best blogs the internet has to offer, all about their favourite pastime.

Whether you have big sailing plans already in place for 2017, or are searching for some fresh sailing inspiration for your next adventure, you’ll find plenty of great material to enjoy in this month’s round up. Keep reading to join Malin & Johan as they cross the Atlantic, find out whether sailing can really make you “tame” and keep up with the Van Tol family’s latest adventures.

Crossing the Atlantic with Malin & Johan


Join Swedish couple Malin and Johan as they sail the world. Setting off in January 2016, the water-bound adventurers have no end date or destination, they’re simply sailing and documenting their amazing travels as they roam across the globe. In this video update, the pair are crossing the Atlantic to reach Grenada in early December, experiencing squalls and thunderstorms as they undertake the 18 day journey. Wonderfully watchable, this brilliant blog gives great insights into a life lived on the ocean waves. Thanks for sharing your story guys!

Does Cruising Make You “Tame”?


Early starts, early bedtimes, physical labour and constant vigilance are a common part of the life of cruisers. This is a lifestyle which lures in the adventurous, the wild and heart and the daredevils – but it can turn those vibrant souls into, well, pretty tame individuals! At least that’s the experience ofsailing couple Mark and Jennifer. This adventuresome pair once paraglided, white water rafted and canyoned across the world – today they’ve been feeling a little stuck in the mud! We don’t buy it for a minute, read their latest blog on the subject and see if you agree!

Ventilly’s December Update


For those who dream of taking to the waves as a family, blogs like the Van Tol’s make seriously inspiring reading. This family of four have been sailing the globe , educating their two little ones and exploring as they go aboard their boat Ventilly. Catch up with the family’s latest exploits in this December update.

Would you prefer to sail solo, as a couple or as a family? What’s the biggest storm you’ve encountered while at sail? Have your say and share your stories below.

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