M12 x 160mm Zinc Plated Chemical Anchor Allthread Studs with Setting Tool - Box of 10

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Thread Diameter M12 (12mm)
Thread Length  160mm
Material Zinc Plated Steel
Setting Tool Supplied 1
Box Quantity 10

Grade 5.8 zinc and clear passivated to 5 microns studs for use with Spin In Capsules or Injection Resin Systems, supplied complete with nut and washer.

The studs have external hexagon drive units and come supplied with one drill drive setting tool in each box of 10.

Each stud has a depth mark to indicate correct setting depth and a chisel point to facilitate appropriate mixing when using glass spin in capsules.

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Performance Data

The below data is only relevant to the studs, it is not an indication of achievable fixing load, this will be determined by the type of resin, concrete strength or any other base material or anchors they are used with

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