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Discover our wide selection of high quality, marine grade boat anchors below, including crown and bruce anchors, folding and plough anchor types for all of your anchoring needs

All of our stainless steel anchors are A4 - AISI 316 grade material and have a highly polished finish, our galvanised steel anchors are hot dipped for maximum corrosion resistance

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What anchor weight should I buy?

The weight of your anchor depends on the length and size of your boat and many other factors such as sea bed, wind speed, tide, swell


The above table is just a guide only, if in doubt we recommend always going bigger – bigger is always better when anchoring


What anchor is best for me?


Folding anchor – Also known as a Grapnel anchor or a fold up anchor, it is generally used for smaller boats such as kayaks, dinghies and canoes etc.. It folds up very compactly making it easy to stow and saves space onboard


Crown anchor – Also known as a Danforth, Fluke or Crown anchor, this anchor performs well in mud and sand and is easily stowed on most bow rollers


Bruce anchor – Also known as a claw anchor, it is a very popular anchor with recreational boaters around the world. It is an excellent multi-purpose anchor as it performs well in most sea bottoms including mud, sand, rock and bottoms with heavy grass


4 Prong anchor – Also known as a lightweight grapnel anchor, it is commonly used as a retrieving anchor to recover items and gear that go overboard, the 4 prong anchor works well with rocks and reefs and is worth having onboard

For most boaters, the best anchor is a hybrid between price and performance, the most popular anchor we sell here at GS Products is the bruce anchor due to its versatility. If you've used a crown anchor in the past, and you have had luck with it, choose the same anchor. If you've never used an anchor before and if your setup allows it, choose the popular bruce anchor as it is the best all round and most popular boating anchor on the market. If in doubt, we always would recommend having a kedge (secondary) anchor onboard to cover most scenarios


There is no anchor on the market that will be 100% effective on sea beds of all types so it is recommended that you carry a kedge (secondary) anchor and warp in addition to your bower (primary) anchor and warp


All the above information is for guidance only


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