Fused and Tapered Steel Wire Rope Ends

Here at GS Products we now offer fused and tapered ends for our steel wire ropes.

The process of fusing and tapering the ends of your wire rope ends is carried out with our in-house annealing machine, the machine heats the steel wire rope to a very high temperature and the wire rope strands fuse together and then the wire rope is twisted and pulled at the same time, this breaks the rope and results in the complete sealing of wire rope strands.

A slightly tapered finished at the end of the rope is achieved, the rope will not now untwist or unravel and prevents splaying.




We can carry this process out for you on both galvanised and stainless steel wire ropes upto 28mm in diameter.

A fused and tapered end is now is available to choose as an option on our custom wire rope builder page or you can get in touch for a quote sales@gsproducts.co.uk