All Aboard (March): Rip Tides & Dream Boats

Welcome to GS Products very first All Aboard roundup. A collection of the very best marine and boating news and views from across the world and web. Each month we’ll be sharing the latest blogs, how tos, infographics and roundups, serving up the very best in sailing and so much more.

This month: discover your dream boat, find out more about risks to your Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) and learn whether you’re “rip tide ready”…

Discover Your Dream Boat

Kids Jumping off Pontoon

Whether you’re into saltwater fishing or day cruising, outboard engines or sail power, this awesome boat selector from Discover Boating will help you find your ultimate dream boat. And no, we’re not talking about David Hasselhof.

With sliders that allow you to select passenger numbers and boat length, and an option which allows you to identify trailer-ready vessels, this handy picker is a great place to start if you know why you want a boat, but don’t know what to look out for. Oh, and it’s really fun to use!

  • Which dream boat did the picker select for you? Share with our other readers below.

Are Satellite Systems Too Vulnerable?

cp180i-lConcerns were raised about the security of satellite navigation systems at the International Navigation Conference 2015 last month. Vessels which rely heavily on position, navigation and timing (PNT) resilience could find themselves at risk from disruptions to Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) such as GPS and GLONASS.

Running a demonstration of how straightforward it could be to misdirect a yacht, Dr Todd Humphreys of the University of Texas claimed: “When we took over the ship, none of the navigational devices on board were complaining and setting off an alarm.”. Get the full story and read up on marine security issues and more via IHS Maritime.

Are You Rip Current Safety Conscious?


spot_the_ripWhether you’re sailing or swimming, rip tides and rip currents are a hazard all seafarers should be aware of. While many stretches of coastline do not suffer from dangerous rips, awareness of the signs and dangers is essential wherever you travel. This helpful resource from the US’ National Weather Service (NWS) provides a full and comprehensive guide on rip tides, from spotting them, to avoiding them. Well worth a look for anyone who loves the water.

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Have you ever found yourself in trouble with a rip current? Which dream boat did the picker select for you? Do you have safety concerns about your navigation system? Share your thoughts and experiences with other boat lovers below.

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