All Aboard (July): Anchor Awareness & Terre-de-Haut

Hello there! Welcome back to a fresh month of sailing inspiration from All Aboard. Each month, the GS Products team post essential accessories and parts to help keep our customers afloat, but we also like to keep up with the adventures and explorations of the sailing community. With so many blogs and adventurers out there, we pick out a few of our favourite every month to share some wanderlust (or should that be waterlust?) with you.

This month; discover the beauty of Terre-de-Haut in the Iles de Saintes, test your knowledge of anchor types and take a cruise through the Ionian Sea.

Setting Sail for Terre-de-Haut


Whether you’re stuck in the office, or aboard your vessel on one of the seven seas, Terre-de-Haut in the Iles de Saintes is somewhere we’re pretty sure you’re going to want to be after you check outthis stunning blog post from theSea Biscuit Blog. As former New York-based husband and wife sailing duo Lauren and Brian Weisenthal cruise the globe in their 42ft sailboat Nightingale Tune, they’ve captured some amazing sights and seen some wonderful places and their latest stop is no exception. A feast for the eyes (and, it would appear, also the belly) there’s a lot to daydream about in this great blog.

Cruising in the British Virgin Islands


Do you know your Delta from your Bruce? How about the difference between a Danforth and a CQR? If you’re a keen sailor, you’ll likely know we’re talking about anchors, but can you identify each type?This blog fromNauticEd will introduce you to a few key anchor types you’re likely to spot in a marina near you. Which would you use when? What’s your “go to” anchor type? Have your say and join the discussion in the comments section below.

Ionian Anchorages Aren’t Plain Sailing


The waterborne family behind theA Yacht More to Life Blog had a mixed experience in the Ionian this summer. From some glorious sailing days and great Greek food (plus some less amazing Greek wine) to some tricky conditions, problematic boulders and troublesome anchorages. Well written and thoughtful, this is a balanced blog which is well worth a read for anyone considering taking to the waves as a family.

Have you sailed the Ionian before? What was your experience? Where is your pick of sailing destinations this summer? Have your say with other readers below.

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