All Aboard (February): Instagram at Sea & Messages in Bottles

Welcome to the February edition of All Aboard, GS Products monthly roundup of our very favourite sailing blogs and resources, distilled direct from the world wide web. Each month we keep up with the sailing community online to bring you our pick of the best adventures, the most helpful articles and the most interesting news.

 This month; find out how one little girl’s message in a bottle helped one sailing family make friends all over the world, find out more about what seasickness really is and what steps you can take to treat it, plus get the low down on the top ten at-sea Instagram accounts you really need to be following.

Friendship in a Bottle


We’ve had great fun keeping up with the adventures of Diane, Evan, Maia and Charlie the cat aboard the Ceilydh, a renovated 40′ Wood’s Meander catamaran. Currently harboured at a very windy marina in South Africa, the family have had a great few weeks making brand new friends as a result of 10 year oldMaia’s message in a bottle. Tossed overboard in the Grand Passage near New Caledonia, the message was picked up by fellow cruisers Sara and Stof on the remote Huon Reef. The chance discovery sparked a friendship and the water lovers have made all sorts of acquaintances around South Africa’s coast as a result.

  • Have you ever sent a message in a bottle? Did you ever receive a reply? Share your stories with other readers below.

How to Cope with Seasickness


A bout of seasickness can be debilitating and feel absolutely horrendous while you’re in choppy waters. While some people never get seasick, others are predisposed and, while some people become acclimatised to the motion of a boat, others can experience seasickness seemingly at random. So what exactly is this nauseating condition? And what can you do to help minimise or avoid it?

This helpful blogfromJolly Parrot Sailing has lots of information alongside some handy pointers. From using medicated patches to trying medication in pill form, there’s lots to read up on here.

Hashtag #Sailing


Love sailing AND social media? This top ten post from Zizoo is most definitely for you. Can you compete with their top ten sailing Instagrammers? Take a peek, have your say and share your own handles with our other water-borne readers!

Do you use Instagram aboard your vessel? Do you suffer from seasickness? Have your say and share your handles and tips with other readers below.


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