Eye Bolts

Eye Bolts

Marine Grade Steel Eye Bolts and Eye Nuts

Discover our range of steel eye bolts and female eye nuts. We stock a wide range of stainless steel eye bolts, including long shank, swing gate, wood screw with lag thread, and high tensile, heavy duty.

We also supply galvanised eye bolts, zinc plated, non plated self colour and BS lifting bolts and marine grade eye nuts to DIN 582 specification. Our BS 4278 Dynamo and BS 4278 collared lifting eye bolts are available in both long and normal shank designs.

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  1. Grade 80 High Tensile Lifting Eye Bolts
    Grade 80 lifting eyes are heat-treated with a high strength to weight ratio Yellow painted eye with a metric coarse right hand thread M6 M8 M12 M12 M16 M20 and M24 diameters available Working Load Limit shown is for vertical lifts only Learn More
  2. Galvanised Steel Ringbolts Eye Bolts


    Hot Dipped Galvanised Ring Bolt. Known also as Ringbolt, Ring Eye Bolt or Eye Bolt with Ring

    This Eye Bolt is unique as it has a captive ring through the Eye of the Eye Bolt. Ring Bolt is supplied with Nut as Washer

    Ideal as an Eye Bolt Tie Down Point, a Mooring Point Eye Bolt or General Use

    5 Ring Eye Bolts Sizes available 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 16mm Ring Eye Bolts in stock from just £1.49 each.

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  3. Galvanised steel eye bolt longshank

    Long Shank Galvanised Eye Bolts

    Long Threaded Steel Eye Bolts are available in sizes between 6mm and 16mm in diameter

    All of our commercial grade long shank eye bolts are provided with a nut and washer and do not have a load rating

    These Eye Bolts have a 66% partially threaded shank as pictured

    Our Longshank Steel Eyebolts have been Hot Dipped Galvanised and are ideal for Fencing, Gardening and many other commercial applications

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  4. Self Colour Collared Lifting Eye Bolts BS 4278

    Hardened and Tempered Collared Eye Bolt with the Safe Working Load Shown on Eye Bolt Body at 0° (vertical) angle of lift

    10mm-30mm Self Colour Steel Collared Eye Bolts BS 4278 in stock and available to order now from just 69p each

    Tempered collared eye bolts are best utilised when lifting from two or more points

    With capacities ranging from 0.25 to 4 tonnes and diameters between 10mm and 30mm, collared eye bolts from GS Products represent the best on the market today

    Take care when using your eye bolts to adhere to the Safe Working Limit set out in each item’s specifications, in order to compensate for the slinging angle

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  5. BZP Steel Eye Bolts with Sleeve Fixing Anchor
    A zinc plated, yellow passivated, torque controlled, sleeve anchor. Suitable for use in non-cracked concrete, dense concrete blocks, solid bricks and some natural stone. M6, M8, M10 and M12 diameters available Learn More
  6. Grade 80 High Tensile Lifting Eye Nuts
    Grade 80 lifting eyes have been heat-treated with a high strength to weight ratio - Its strength makes it safe for lifting Learn More
  7. Stainless Steel Long Oblong Eye Nut
    Stainless Steel Long Oblong Eye Nuts Learn More
  8. Self Colour Steel Lifting Eye Nuts DIN 582
    Non Plated Steel Eye Nuts M8 M10 and M12 Female Metric Right Handed Threaded These Eye Nuts are popular as they can be welded as they have not been plated Learn More
  9. Stainless Steel Lifting Eye Nuts DIN 582


    G S Products stainless steel eye nuts are made from AISI 316 marine grade A4 stainless steel and feature a highly polished finish that is both appealing and rust-resistant

    Available in sizes from 6mm to 20mm, our eye nuts are highly versatile and can be used for a range of applications

    Eye Nut SWL ranges from 70kgs to 1200kgs, and each piece carried its own SWL stamp for your guidance

    Stainless Steel AISI 316 Marine Grade. Polished Finish. Metric Thread. M6-M20 Sizes Available. SWL 70kgs-1200kgs

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  10. Self Colour Steel Bow Nuts BS 3974


    G S Products self colour steel bow nuts are made from high tensile, rust resistant steel. Suitable for straight lifting only, bow nuts can nevertheless be used for a variety of different applications including both loading and restraint

    Our bow nuts are available in a range of sizes, from 48mm to 108mm in length

    SWL information is forged on the side of each piece for guidance

    Self Colour Steel Bow Nuts to B.S 3974 Part 1. SWL Stated is for Vertical Lift Only

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GS Products are the leading online suppliers in the UK of Steel Eye Bolts and Eye Nuts

No one offers such a comprehensive selection of steel eye bolts. Our Eye Bolts are available in numberous materials such as bright zinc plated, self colour, stainless steel and hot dipped galvanised and are available in many different patterns:

  • Collared Eye Bolts
  • Long Shank Eye Bolts
  • Wood Screw Lag Thread Eye Bolts
  • DIN 580 Eye Bolts
  • BS 4278 Eye Bolts
  • Long Shank Eye Bolts
  • Gate Eye Bolts
  • Vine Eyes
  • Ring Eye Bolts
  • Swivel Bolts

We will never be beaten on price for Steel Eye Bolts - Buy yours today here at GSproducts.co.uk 

What is the thread pitch for your eye bolts?

All of our Eye Bolts are suppllied with a Metric Coarse standard thread as per ISO 262 or BS 3643 specifications, please refer to the table below for thread pitches