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Chain, or ‘anchor’, swivels are the perfect choice for use with chains that require this type of rotation, such as anchor lines or gym equipment

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Benefits of Chain Swivels

Quite simply, chain swivels stop ropes or chains from twisting therefore reducing the likelihood of breakages occurring.

Chain swivels can be used in a variety of different situations. For instance, many coarse fishermen carry small chain swivels in their fishing tackle boxes to be connected to their fishing line in certain instances. They are also used within the marine industry and it is in this area that we are going to focus.

So, let’s have a look at some instances when the use of a chain swivel would prove invaluable in this type of industry. Boats use either rope or chain to connect the boat to the anchor and chain swivels can help no matter which type is used to pull the anchor on-board. Having said that, rope is that little bit more flexible than chain and is more “forgiving”. For instance, when at anchor, you may find on occasions the need to conduct a number of 360-degree manoeuvres in the same direction. This sort of situation could present itself in a number of tidal anchorages.

Obviously, you would not want to find that the rope or chain has become twisted as this may lead the rope to start kinking or even start to un-lay if you are only using rope with 3 strands. In the case of anchor chain it would only take a few twists for the chain to knot or bunch thus reducing the effectiveness of the chain. Chain swivels provide one of the solutions to prevent these problems. Another example of a potential problem that could be avoided by using chain swivels is also to do with the anchor chain. When the anchor is dropped into the water from the boat the chain’s orientation has a 75 per cent possibility of not being kept.

This is particularly relevant if you are utilising a chain gypsy/auto rope but fail to right the chain on a manual basis when it is returned. As a result the chain may well be pulled up either upside down or sideways meaning that it will have to right itself when connecting to the roller. If there is no chain swivel this may result in a twisted chain resulting in the anchor chain not resting correctly upon the roller. There are, of course, many other uses for chain swivels but it is important in all cases to utilise swivels of a good quality to ensure that no potentially dangerous situations occur.