How to Order?

How to Order?

Custom Steel Wire Rope Fabrications - How to Order or get a Quote?

It' easy... simply email the sales team at 

It is important to include to following information:

  • Which material? Galvanised or Stainless Steel Wire Rope
  • Which strand? Remember, 1x19 is stiff, 7x7 is mid-flex and 7x19 is flexible
  • What diameter?
  • What ends / fittings do you require?
  • Length of fabrication? (Is this overall length or bearing to bearing)
  • Amount of fabrications required?
  • Any other relevant information you wish to include - even a sketch!

It is important to remember to include as much information as possible in your email for us to give you a quick, accurate quote



As all jobs are custom made there will be an average lead time of 3-4 days