Balustrade Swage Stud / Jaw Steel Wire Rope Fabrication

Balustrade Swage Stud / Jaw Steel Wire Rope Fabrication

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Steel Wire Rope Slings with an adjustable swage/jaw rigging screw and jaw end are ideal for any wire rope balustrade system

Industry standard Steel Wire Rope for balustrading systems is 4mm 1x19 Strand Stainless Steel Wire Rope

It is important to send us a measurement from pin center to pin center, once you have your overall length measured it is important to minus approx 30mm from the measurement, this will allow the adjustable rigging screw tensioner to take up the shortage

Available in A4 Grade Stainless Steel, this grade of Stainless Steel is the best available and your balustrade system will never rust

These can be made in 3mm, 4mm and 5mm diameter Steel Wire Ropes to your custom length

Lead time for our steel wire rope fabrications is usually 3-4 days