Eye Bolts

Eye Bolts

Marine Grade Steel Eye Bolts and Eye Nuts

Discover our range of steel eye bolts and female eye nuts. We stock a wide range of stainless steel eye bolts, including long shank, swing gate, wood screw with lag thread, and high tensile, heavy duty.

We also supply galvanised eye bolts, zinc plated, non plated self colour and BS lifting bolts and marine grade eye nuts to DIN 582 specification. Our BS 4278 Dynamo and BS 4278 collared lifting eye bolts are available in both long and normal shank designs.

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  1. BZP Steel Lifting Eye Nuts DIN 582


    GS Products has a wide range of bright zinc plated steel lifting eye nuts available in sizes from 6mm to 48mm

    These durable nuts are capable of dealing with loads of up to 8600kgs, making them the perfect choice for anyone with high capacity lifting needs

    Lifting eye nuts can be used individually or alongside various types of lifting gear in almost any kind of environment

    SWL information is forged on each individual nut body, for your safety and convenience

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  2. Self Colour Dynamo Eye Bolts BS 4278

    Self Colour Dynamo Lifting Eyebolts BS 4278

    Dynamo eye bolts are intended for use in tapped holes, and for vertical and angular loading

    Our Dynamo Eye Bolts are available in a variety of capacities ranging between 100kg and 2000kg with thread sizes from M6 up to M24

    All GS dynamo eye bolts come with Safe Working Load specifications clearly stamped on each Eye Bolt

    Cheapest Dynamo Eye Bolts on the Internet with Prices from just 79p each

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  3. Stainless Steel Rectangular Eye Nut
    A4 / AISI 316 grade stainless steel High polished finish Female metric coarse right handed thread M12 (12mm) Learn More
  4. Self Colour Long Shank Collared Eyebolts BS 4278


    Long Shank Eye Bolt with Collar to BS4278 Table 1

    Self Colour Collared Eye Bolt available in 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, 20mm and 24mm as specified by BS 4278

    Hardened and Tempered Eye Bolt S.W.L. Shown at 0° (vertical) angle of lift

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  5. Self Colour Long Shank Dynamo Eye Bolts

    Long Shank Steel Eye Bolt Self Colour Non Plated Steel Collared Eye Bolts available in 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, 20mm and 24mm, As specified by BS 4278

    Hardened and Tempered S.W.L. Shown at 0° (vertical) angle of lift

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  6. Stainless Steel DIN 580 Lifting Eye Bolts

    Stainless Steel DIN 580 Eye Bolts

    GS Products has an extensive range of differently sized A4 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Eye Bolts ranging in diameter from 6mm to 20mm

    Most commonly used to attach ropes or cables to a fixed structure, eye bolts are threaded on one end for a more secure fit, making them perfect choice for a variety of different purposes

    Our Stainless Steel Marine Grade Eye Bolts are suitable for Working Load Limits (WLL) between 70kgs and 1200kgs

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  7. Stainless Steel Screw Eyes
    A4 - AISI 316 Stainless Steel Marine Grade Polished Finish Lag Wood Screw Thread, also known as Vine Screw Eyes with a Captive Ring 4mm 5mm 6mm 8mm 10mm and 12mm Eye Bolts with Captive Ring available Learn More
    A4 - AISI 316 Grade Polished Finish Known also as Vine Eyes and Wood Screw Eyes 6mm and 8mm Diameter available Learn More
  10. Stainless Steel Wood Screw Lag Thread

    Stainless Steel Wood Screw Lag Thread

    Marine Grade A4 Stainless Steel AISI 316 Eye Bolt with unique wood screw lag thread

    Highly Polished Flawless Finish. Wood Screw Threaded Stainless Steel Eye Bolts (also referred to as screw thread eye bolts, eye screws, or turned/bent eye lags) have a wood or lag screw thread for use in wood, masonry or lag anchors

    Often used as a plant training aid and are often known as vine eye

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GS Products are the leading online suppliers in the UK of Steel Eye Bolts and Eye Nuts

No one offers such a comprehensive selection of steel eye bolts. Our Eye Bolts are available in numberous materials such as bright zinc plated, self colour, stainless steel and hot dipped galvanised and are available in many different patterns:

  • Collared Eye Bolts
  • Long Shank Eye Bolts
  • Wood Screw Lag Thread Eye Bolts
  • DIN 580 Eye Bolts
  • BS 4278 Eye Bolts
  • Long Shank Eye Bolts
  • Gate Eye Bolts
  • Vine Eyes
  • Ring Eye Bolts
  • Swivel Bolts

We will never be beaten on price for Steel Eye Bolts - Buy yours today here at GSproducts.co.uk 

What is the thread pitch for your eye bolts?

All of our Eye Bolts are suppllied with a Metric Coarse standard thread as per ISO 262 or BS 3643 specifications, please refer to the table below for thread pitches