Wire Balustrade Installation and Guidelines

Wire balustrade fitting advice | GS Products


Wire Rope Balustrade Installation Guidelines and Advice:

We have put together some key points for your wire rope steel balustrade that we are frequently asked regarding fitting / installing and just general help with your project.

With the right tools and fittings you can easily install your own wire balustrade system,  just remember to follow these simple points…..

  •  Keep your balustrade runs straight, do not bend the wire around 90degree corners, if your system has multiple angles ALWAYS start a new straight run.
  • Never have a single run longer than 10 meters. If your single run of balustrade is over 10 meters you should start a new run.
  • Always have an adjuster/tensioner in each run which will enable you to prevent any slack if your balustrade cable stretches over time.
  •  Balustrade wire rope infill should not be able to trap a child, a 100mm diameter sphere should not be able pass through the gas in-between your wire or any part of your system.
  •  Your wire balustrade infill cable must be 4mm diameter minimum. We recommend using a 4mm 1×19 strand diameter steel wire
  •  Always use stainless steel wire and fittings, these will last a lifetime both indoors and outdoors and will great all year round, you can easily clean your stainless steel balustrade with simple household products such as WD40 and a micro-fibre cloth
  •  The height of the handrail must be a minimum of 900mm for stairs and ramps in external residential and commercial applications, and a minimum of 1100mm for all other areas
  • If you have intermediate posts you can simply drill a 8mm hole and pass the wire straight through, this saves buying multiple balustrade parts
Steel wire rope balustrade installation advice | GS Products
  •  If you plan on installing your wire balustrade yourself you will need tools, we offer the tools in kit format which comes with wire and fitting or you can buy them individually, all can be found at in our Wire Balustrade category here

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