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  • All Aboard (September): Sailing Friends & 70s Fashion

    Hello, hello! A very warm welcome back to a brand new instalment of All Aboard from GS Products. Every month we help those who live for life on the water source high quality sailing accessories. We also take time each month to keep up with the adventures and exploits of the world's most passionate water-goers via our favourite sailing blogs. We don't just like to find out what our favourite cruisers are up to, we also like to share their stories to inspire our readers and customers, so get ready to dive in...

    This month; find out why you should take a pair of Swedes to the Balearic Islands, keep up with the adventures of Rubicon 3 and find out what sailing attire looked like in the 1970s.

    Swedes, Sun & Small Anchorages


    We love reading all about the many great friendships which spring up on the ocean waves. The friendship between Judy andTorben Bentsen of the Tivoli and their Swedish friends Magnus and Tiina shines throughthis recent blog about the couples' trip around the Balearic Islands. Not only is it clear that the group had a darn good time, the admiration for each others' sailing abilities clearly shines through. Meticulous and fantastic at anchoring in challenging spots, the Swedish pair manage to seriously impress the Bentsens during their stunning getaway. Join in the fun by catching up on Sail Blogs.

    Keeping up with Rubicon 3

    feedback pic - sul

    Keeping up with the adventures ofRubicon 3 is one of our favourite things to do at GS Product's HQ. The crews regularly set sail with new and inexperienced cruisers, showing them the ropes and taking them on some absolutely amazing trips. In recent weeks the crew has been exploring Scandinavia and some extremely Northerly anchorages, catching mackerel and running up chilly peaks.Well worth a read if you're in the mood for some wanderlust.

    Sailing Attire in the 70s


    WhatGill Marine don't know about sailing clothing isn't worth knowing. Home to some of the finest gear that modern developments can offer, the company's founder Nick Gill has been in the business for over 40 years – which gives him plenty of insight and a huge bank of knowledge to draw on evidenced in thisfascinating in depth blog all about sailing clothing from the 1970s. It's a fantastically detailed read – and proof of just how far innovation has taken us.

    Have you made any lifelong friends while sailing? Where did your latest adventure take you? Share your stories with other readers below.

  • All Aboard (August): Sailing with the Sisterhood & Bacon in the Bahamas

    Land Ahoy, readers! And welcome back to the GS Product's monthly round up of the finest seafaring blogs the ocean waves and the world wide web have to offer. Each month we help customers the world over access quality sailing accessories, we also run our monthly round up to give access to the top quality blogs from sailors who are living the ocean-going dream, keeping up with their adventures while sharing both their exploits and their advice.

    This month; climb aboard with a seafaring sisterhood, sailed around the Åland archipelago and meet some pigs on a beach in the Bahamas.

    Joining the Seafaring Sisterhood Aboard Swell Voyage

    We can't get enough of theSwell Voyage blog, penned by open and adventurous spirit – not to mention surfing obsessive mermaid – Liz. After 10 years aboard her vessel (named Swell Voyage), Liz has lived through plenty of adventures, ups, downs and incredible experiences. In her fantastic blog, the seafarer shares her stories and adventures with a devoted coterie of regular readers who are routinely inspired by her story.This latest post is all about “girl power” on the ocean waves. In recent months, Liz teamed up with “sea sisters” Kimi Werner and Léa Brassy to sail French Polynesia. It makes for a great read!

    Sailing Around Åland

    6We love a sailing blog that's packed with photographs from less travelled to destinations. TheDolphin Dance, sailed by Minna and Antti, is currently exploring the Stockholm archipelago andthe photographs of Åland look absolutely stunning. We want to hope on a boat and head for summertime Scandinavia right now – just think of all those long, long evenings! Take a look at the Dolphin Dance blog to keep up with Minna and Antti's adventures.

    Swimming Pigs in the Bahamas

    We loveMonday Never's ethos and spirit. A young married couple doing everything they can to escape the daily grind and make the most of incredible adventures, creating videos and blogs along the way to chart their experiences.This August Cat and Will made it to the Bahamas and befriended a couple of swimming pigs on a deserted paradise beach. We're hooked. Monday – NEVER!

    Which sailing blog inspires you to get adventuresome? Share your top picks and your favourite less travelled destinations with other readers below.

  • All Aboard (July): Anchor Awareness & Terre-de-Haut

    Hello there! Welcome back to a fresh month of sailing inspiration from All Aboard. Each month, the GS Products team post essential accessories and parts to help keep our customers afloat, but we also like to keep up with the adventures and explorations of the sailing community. With so many blogs and adventurers out there, we pick out a few of our favourite every month to share some wanderlust (or should that be waterlust?) with you.

    This month; discover the beauty of Terre-de-Haut in the Iles de Saintes, test your knowledge of anchor types and take a cruise through the Ionian Sea.

    Setting Sail for Terre-de-Haut


    Whether you're stuck in the office, or aboard your vessel on one of the seven seas, Terre-de-Haut in the Iles de Saintes is somewhere we're pretty sure you're going to want to be after you check outthis stunning blog post from theSea Biscuit Blog. As former New York-based husband and wife sailing duo Lauren and Brian Weisenthal cruise the globe in their 42ft sailboat Nightingale Tune, they've captured some amazing sights and seen some wonderful places and their latest stop is no exception. A feast for the eyes (and, it would appear, also the belly) there's a lot to daydream about in this great blog.

    Cruising in the British Virgin Islands


    Do you know your Delta from your Bruce? How about the difference between a Danforth and a CQR? If you're a keen sailor, you'll likely know we're talking about anchors, but can you identify each type?This blog fromNauticEd will introduce you to a few key anchor types you're likely to spot in a marina near you. Which would you use when? What's your “go to” anchor type? Have your say and join the discussion in the comments section below.

    Ionian Anchorages Aren't Plain Sailing


    The waterborne family behind theA Yacht More to Life Blog had a mixed experience in the Ionian this summer. From some glorious sailing days and great Greek food (plus some less amazing Greek wine) to some tricky conditions, problematic boulders and troublesome anchorages. Well written and thoughtful, this is a balanced blog which is well worth a read for anyone considering taking to the waves as a family.

    Have you sailed the Ionian before? What was your experience? Where is your pick of sailing destinations this summer? Have your say with other readers below.

  • All Aboard (June): The Sailing Dream & the British Virgin Islands

    Ahoy ocean-lovers! Welcome to a fresh month of All Aboard. At GS Products we help our customers identify and buy the high quality, dependable marine fittings they need to take to the water safely. We also like to keen abreast of the journeys our products help our customers - and those just like them – to undertake. That's why each month we share a selection of our favourite sailing blogs from our bookmarks bar with our readers.

    This month; find out how to take to the waves and sail the world as a newbie on a budget, take a trip to the British Virgin Islands and learn more about the many key logistics that go into a sea-faring lifestyle.

    The New Sailor – On a Shoestring

      Salt, spray, the wind in your hair, your hand on the wheel and nothing but freedom stretching ahead. Taking to the ocean waves is a common dream among many of us trapped by the daily grind, but for the majority the ideal seems too “far out” to become a reality. How will you learn to sail? How will you raise the funds to sustain your journey?    These are the sorts of questions which relative newbie sailor and shoestring adventurerSuzanne of theOceanpreneur blog sets out to answer. Her goal? Helping anyone who shares her dream to follow her path to freedom on the ocean waves! Inspiring stuff indeed.  Cruising in the British Virgin Islands  

    A photo posted by Allison Cordle (@sailingba) on

    We lovethis recent blog fromBo & Alli's fabulous sailing blog. Crammed with pictures and wonderfully written updates all about their adventures, its a great resource for sailing inspiration, travel tips and holiday ideas. This post is all about how the couple “found their sailing groove” in the British Virgin Islands (BVIs). With smooth, easy sailing and a thriving sailing community, this corner of the world is a sure-fire hit with sailors. Take a peek for yourself.

    Conquering Logistics


    Nobody said that sailing was simple, but it's easy sometimes to forget that it's not a matter of simply untying a rope and setting course for the next paradise on your list. In fact, even away from navigating and provisioning there is an abundance of tiny details and big picture logistics to work out if you're planning to lead a nomadic ocean-going life. For a little taste of the logistics involved (and how to conquer them with a smile on your face),this blog from the ever-chipper crew ofMiss Lone Star is well worth a read.

    Have logistics ever gotten the better of you while sailing? What are your favourite spots in the British Virgin Islands? Have your say with other sailing sorts below.

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  • All Aboard (February): Instagram at Sea & Messages in Bottles

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  • All Aboard (January): Crossing the Atlantic & Sailing on Alone

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  • All Aboard (December): Pacific Mexico & Taking the Leap

    Hello water lovers, welcome back to the ocean waves with GS Product's monthly “All Aboard” roundup of the best sailing blogs and stories from across the waters of the world wide web. Stocking a full range ofchain, wire rope and marine fittings, we get to talk to and work with all sorts of seafarers from all over the world – which is why we like to keep tabs on what our favourite floating folk have been up to by reading and sharing blogs from across the community every month.

    This December; find out why sailing Pacific Mexico is nothing like a sail across the Sea of Cortez,hear from an American sailor experiencing Thanksgiving from Botswana and discover why it's not so easy to just buy a boat and GO... Continue reading

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