Fitting steel wire rope grips


A simple guide on how to use and fit your steel wire rope grips



  • DIN741, DIN1142 and US Federal Steel Wire Rope Grips should be spaced 6x the wire rope diameters apart to give adequate holding power (eg. 5mm wire rope x 6 = 30mm distance between grips)
  • We recommend a minimum of 3 grips per end
  • They should be tightened before the rope is placed under tension
  • After the load is placed on the wire rope, tighten the clamps again to take care of any lessening in rope diameter caused by tension of the load
  • Regularly check the nuts ensuring they are still fastened tightly
  • The Wire Rope Grips are sized like for like, eg. If you have 5mm wire rope then buy 5mm grips, each grip allows that diameter of wire to pass through twice to form a loop
  • It is generally accepted that you should achieve 50% of the wire rope breaking load as a guide to holding power